How to properly backup your computer.

Yes, with unlimited budget, you can spend hundreds a month and do a proper backup and cloud everything.  But for those that live in the real world of budgets and bandwidth caps here is how you do it: Google does so many things on so right.  Including backuping on the cheap:   1. Download Google Drive […]

How to properly Re/Install Windows

On a new computer or an existing one

You need to become a master at properly reinstalling windows. A clean wipe fresh install of windows can fix most non-hardware related problems, speed up your system and get rid of all kinds of weird annoyances. Make a new Google Doc of your specific Windows Reinstall Procedures.  Even after reinstalling windows for decades, you will still […]

/r/buildapc/ FAQ

This is a repository of information I am frequently to explain asked Top Mistakes Every PC Builder Newbie Makes Stop The Overclocking Madness Best Methods & Places To Buy Computer Parts Why you should install a RAMdrive and how to optimize a RC right Why a R.A.I.D. is BETTER than a "Backup" All about […]


A RAID IS BETTER THAN BACKUP: And I can prove it in the real world. RAID Haters have learned that the correct “technical” definition of a backup is 1. Redundant 2. Automatic and 3. Off-site. And can’t wait to tell people that whenever RAID 1/5 is mentioned. They JUST CAN’T WAIT, they are holding it in like […]

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