A RAID IS BETTER THAN BACKUP: And I can prove it in the real world. RAID Haters have learned that the correct “technical” definition of a backup is 1. Redundant 2. Automatic and 3. Off-site. And can’t wait to tell people that whenever RAID 1/5 is mentioned. They JUST CAN’T WAIT, they are holding it in like […]

Top Mistakes Every PC Builder Newbie Makes & The Classic NOOB Computer

Top Mistakes Every PC Builder Newbie Makes & The Classic NOOB Computer: Read:(CONFESSION – All the mistakes I personally made – CONFESSION)   The classic noob computer has: 1. Watercooling. (They plan to overclock – which is ineffective BECAUSE dollar for dollar you get more real world performance elsewhere*). *Unless you are trying to max […]

Stop the Watercooling/Overclocking Madness

Stop the Watercooling/Overclocking Madness TL;DR = DO THE MATH:  Price out a overclockable ready system (eg. 7600K/Watercooler/Z270/GTX1060) with a non-overclockable system that uses the next higher tier of GPU (eg. 7600/B250/GTX1070) It’s cheaper and faster. Besides, you are rolling the dice with overclocking; besides possibly burning up the CPU/RAM/Motherboard, moderate to high overclocking is not stable, […]

Software I think everyone should use

Or at least consider using.

1. AdGuard.  I can’t live without it. Get a lifetime licence.  So much better than Adblock+ublock. And you get a licence for your Android phone too.  Phone ads are even more annoying and much more nefarious!  Look at this quick example of before and after. (roll over image) 2. Get accounts with ALL of these […]

Price Fixing, Duopolies, and Collusion in the PC hardware Industry

Price fixing in the PC hardware industry. For three decades all computer prices fell. Then when Wall Street and China start to get involved, something happens. When computer prices mysteriously go up, you need to start to wonder. If you think you smell something funny, you are right. The whole industry now, in every aspect, […]

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