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This is a repository of information I am frequently to explain asked http://www.reddit.com/r/buildapc/new/ Top Mistakes Every PC Builder Newbie Makes Stop The Overclocking Madness Best Methods & Places To Buy Computer Parts Why you should install a RAMdrive and how to optimize a RC right Why a R.A.I.D. is BETTER than a "Backup" All about […]

Stop the Watercooling/Overclocking Madness

Stop the Watercooling/Overclocking Madness TL;DR = DO THE MATH: ┬áPrice out a overclockable ready system (eg. 7600K/Watercooler/Z270/GTX1060) with a non-overclockable system┬áthat uses the next higher tier of GPU (eg. 7600/B250/GTX1070) It’s cheaper and faster. Besides, you are rolling the dice with overclocking; besides possibly burning up the CPU/RAM/Motherboard, moderate to high overclocking is not stable, […]

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