Setting up a PC

How to properly backup your computer.

Yes, with unlimited budget, you can spend hundreds a month and do a proper backup and cloud everything.  But for those that live in the real world of budgets and bandwidth caps here is how you do it: Google does so many things on so right.  Including backuping on the cheap:   1. Download Google Drive […]

How to properly Re/Install Windows

On a new computer or an existing one

You need to become a master at properly reinstalling windows. A clean wipe fresh install of windows can fix most non-hardware related problems, speed up your system and get rid of all kinds of weird annoyances. Make a new Google Doc of your specific Windows Reinstall Procedures.  Even after reinstalling windows for decades, you will still […]

Setting up your new computer PROPER

After you have re/installed windows, this is what you should, in this order: (make sure windows update is NOT running yet – You may want to unplug the ethernet) 1. Make sure you have the latest bios.  Motherboard manufacturer’s generally say if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it. But always update the bios to the […]

What's a RamDrive?

Why you should install a RAMdrive: 1. It can increase your browser speed up to 20%. Just use it for this reason alone! 2. It will increase the speed of installs, and countless other windows applications that use the temp folder (which is most of them). 3. Countless poorly written apps (even Windows) can abuse […]

Software I think everyone should use

Or at least consider using.

1. AdGuard.  I can’t live without it. Get a lifetime licence.  So much better than Adblock+ublock. And you get a licence for your Android phone too.  Phone ads are even more annoying and much more nefarious!  Look at this quick example of before and after. (roll over image) 2. Get accounts with ALL of these […]

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