Event Viewer

Event Viewer is a log Windows keeps of every error, hiccup or warning that windows can detect.  You can find it by going to Windows Administrative Tools:

(Or you can search for it: )

Once in, go to “Administrative Events”

One can now see all the errors you have.  (Don’t freak out if you have thousands in there, even over a few months. Most you can ignore.) Note the time when you have any error and see if Windows has logged anything at that time. If you find something correlative with your error, that’s a good thing.

Start to google the numbers in the General/Details tab:

In the details tab, you can switch to XML view for easier viewing:

Nobody has all the error numbers memorized, their meaning, their cause and their solution so googling is your bet bet. In the unheard of rare situation that you are not receiving any Google hits (for any of the numbers in the log), you can post them here:


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