Fantastic PC RF Remote - The $8 AirClick


It’s almost impossible to find a cheap USB RF (radio-frequency; wireless) remote.  Yes, IR (optical) remotes are a dime a dozen, but I don’t like  having to be in line of sight; endless pointing and re-aiming to make it work. Also, many a time the projector screen is in the way.  Either way, RF remotes are rate or expensive.  Logitech makes one for $200.  But I stumbled upon this one made by Griffin, the Airclick for PC/MAC and it costs $8-$10 shipped.  AirClick on eBay

I got a little DLL that made it work in winamp.  But then Jared programmed it up to work in… well just about everything else: Media Player, VLC, PowerDVD, anything that uses windows Hotkeys, like they keys on a multi-media keyboard.


So go buy yourself one, if you like, Then download this little file and put it in your startup.

Thanks Jared! You rock.

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