In depth: Seagate & Western Digital's Harddrive Price Fixing

Pricing history from Newegg:

Seagate Barracuda Green ST2000DL003 2TB – up 328%

Seagate SV35 Series ST2000VX002 2TB – up 263%

Seagate Barracuda XT ST32000641AS 2TB – up 255%

Seagate Constellation ES 2TB – up 195%

And Seagate and (Western Digital too) are making RECORD profits in this “dramatic downturn.”

"They" (Seagate, Western Digital) expected the HDD pricing "shortage" would end by the end of 2012, but half a decade later, they still haven’t "recovered" from those floods. Here is a chart showing HDD pricing per GB over time, before the fake crisis flood:

hddexcel See how the R value is .99? That means almost perfect correlation between pricing and time.

Here is a small chart regarding real world sweet spot (Lowest price per GB/TB) HDD pricing CHANGE in USA:

2015-05-30 08_44_41-Untitled-1.html

Actual HDD pricing per TB:

2015-05-30 08_44_47-Untitled-1.html

Firs time price per TB is lower than pre fake flood. Meaning, they have enjoyed 4 years of excessive profits. But actually they reset the clock and moved pricing back 4 years. Pre flood, prices decreased an average of 32.66% a year, let’s do a chart based on that:

What sweet spot prices SHOULD be:

2015-05-30 08_44_52-Untitled-1.html

So that means end of 2014 4TB should be $80, instead it was $140


They have learned the mistakes of all the other price fixing scandals. With undoubtedly a silent wink and a nod, the duopoly Seagate/Western Digital (Toshiba is only 10%) they have colluded to keep prices high.

MARK MY WORDS. DOJ Anti-trust suit will happen against HDD makers.

Unless, this is my personal conspiracy theory, since the NSA (and more) is needing massive amounts of storage, they have agreed to not investigate the HDD industry in exchange for cheap drives. It’s BLATENTLY obvious that HDD price fixing is going on. The margins for the HDD industry were pretty thin, and they were begging and hoping and praying for anything to happen, to use as an excuse to raise prices.


See how even financial analysts wonder how Seagate did it? CNN Money: Who would have guessed that Seagate Technology (STX) would be one of the top tech stocks in the S&P 500 over the past three years? Nobody, unless they were doing something illegal, like price fixing. Then you can have record profits.
Seagate CEO Stephen Luczo asks $13.5 million for Los Gatos estate

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