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This is a repository of information I am frequently to explain asked

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Did I offend you?

Q. You are a meanie-head, you hurt my feelings, you were curt to me on /R/BuildAPc

A. You are right, sometimes I can be perceived an ass. I am literally trying to teach people to start to think like a tech. You are building a PC, which is technical, and you need to start to think technically. Here are some tips:

GIGO – programming term meaning garbage in, garbage out – if you ask bad questions, you will get bad answers. In my case, flippant answers to insure learning:

Examples of BAD questions:

Q1. ‘I want a ______________ that’s "good enough" – what do you suggest"?

Why it’s bad: We’re not psychic. What for? Games? Multi-monitor? Office/Word? Internet? What game(s)? Solitaire? silence?  What settings? What resolution? 800 X 600? 1024 X 728? 11,520 X 2160 (Three 4K monitors?) Define "good enough", 10 FPS, 60 FPS? And if you know that, then you can check out the benchmarks and or Google it yourself and see.

Q2. ‘What do you think of this computer?

Why it’s bad: What the hell for? We’re not psychic. If you know what for (Q1) then google it and see.

Q. I want a video card that can play BF4 in Ultra Settings @ 1440P at at least 120 FPS.

Why it’s bad: Well then just look at the benchmarks, Rainman isn’t here. Nobody knows every single setting for every single game for every single resolution for every single computer,Google it yourself. Why ask others to google stuff for you?

Q. "I have a S4GHSJ89-48 motherboard in my laptop, can I add more ram"?

Why it’s bad: Use common sense. Few people know their laptop motherboard product number, let alone if it has a free ram slot, let alone be here on Reddit. Google it yourself.

Q. What kind of (subjective preference items) should I get?

A. Subjective things, like chairs, speakers, mid-tower cases, headphones, monitors, resolution, DPI, frame rate, etc.


What is a good Question:

Something that the manuals, benchmarks or searching google can’t answer.