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Price Fixing, Duopolies, and Collusion in the PC hardware Industry
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Price Fixing, Duopolies, and Collusion in the PC hardware Industry

Price fixing in the PC hardware industry.

For three decades all computer prices fell. Then when Wall Street and China start to get involved, something happens. When computer prices mysteriously go up, you need to start to wonder. If you think you smell something funny, you are right. The whole industry now, in every aspect, is wrought with price fixing and collusion.

Small History of price fixing:


AMD, Nvidia Conspire to Price Fixing; Sued 2008


Now they’ve been hit with a lawsuit, prices will start to fall, mark my words! 

2018 – P Value = 0.9 meaning yes, for sure 90% they are price fixing.

They’ve AGREED to just price fix. Openly.

2017 – Changes have occurred in the relationship among the top three suppliers – Micron, SK Hynix and Samsung. Based on the oligopolistic market situation, the trio have opted for co-existence as the best way to maximize profitability. They are turning away from aggressive competition…”

2002 – DRAM price fixing

2012 – Micron, Oracle settle memory price-fixing lawsuit 2012

2014 – $310 million DRAM price fixing settlement could get you $10 – or much, much more

2015 – DDR3 – Right 2015. Ram has tripled since 2013

2016 – DDR4 – Again prices are rising, Faux shortages

Optical Drives

HP sues seven optical drive makers over price-fixing 2013

Dying optical drive segment faces EU price fixing investigation 2012


FBI – LCD Price Fixing Conspiracy 2012

LCD flat-screen makers charged with price fixing 2009

3 Flat-Screen Makers Plead Guilty to Trying to Keep Prices High 2008


No price fixing here, do you know why? There are many players.

Give them time.

December 2016 Update! That didn’t take long!

Hard Drives

2011- Right now!

You can read my more extensive HDD pricing article here: In depth: Seagate & Western Digital’s Harddrive Price Fixing – The real numbers behind the Fake Hard Drive Shortage.

HDD “Crisis was Fake: Seagate and Western Digital Post big profits 2012