Politicians and Governments don't create your reality. AKA Vote for Santa.

I feel sorry for those poor misguided people, with their victim mentalities activated, who get observably upset and flustered about what certain politicians do or say.  They usually have the colossal misunderstanding that fighting against unwanted is the path to what is wanted.  They have not come to the awareness that whatever you resist, persists.  Jesus taught “Resist Not Evil” yet many think resisting […]

Please Remember the *Real* Reason for the Season

The Real one.

   I am pleasantly amused by people who get so adamant and frustrated about people not remembering “the *REAL* reason for the season.” The REAL one.  Did I get enough emphasis on ‘real’?  Some people will even get to the point of tears because of the lack of real-ness, apparently.  Has it gotten to commercialized? Have we forgotten what […]

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