How to make MP3 from Audio Books from Audio CDs

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When you make an audio book, you want to do it, RIGHT, and you want to do it ONCE. These are the items you want to ensure:

1. Compatibility with all mp3 players

2. Set correct playing order (so they will not play in this order: 1 10 11)

3. Minimize the size of the file

4. Set high fidelity; Ensure no digital harshness or clicks (so it doesn't sound like 1930's AM radio)

5. Set the correct ID3 tags so all mp3 players can read them correctly

Software to be used: Mac users click here

1. DbPowerAmp Reference (has ripper and encoder and tagger built in one) Supports all unprotected audio formats (Flac and Mp3)

2. Player

3. Flash Renamer (Nagware - full functionality save nag, if you like it buy it)

4. MP3Tqag (freeware, if needed)

Step 1: Ripping, Encoding, Tagging

Put in the books' FIRST CD and open up dbPowerAmp Reference.

Step 2: Check to see if it has CDDB/FreeDB information, good, if not just have TRACK under naming.

Make Sure you have the Proper Numbering System set up.


Track-artist-album-title dbpoweramp.jpg

Pick your Favorite Format (MP3 - Lame in this case):


Make sure you pick compression rate:


These are the preferred formats for Audio books:

44.1Khz (Same as source)




High Quality Encode (Slower)

Why: For audio books, for the biggest bang for the buck (smallest size, yet clear audio) the lowest compression that has no digital chirps or harshness whatsoever is 64Kbs. Choose Mono, this alone drops the file in half. This will still play in both channels (instead of just L or R). While you could slide down to 33.2Khz or do VBR (Varaible Bit Rate) while you will gain a tiny amount of space, you will loose compatibility with many mp3 players. So keep it at CBR (Constant bit rate) and 44.1Khz.

Encode folders.jpg

Now continue and rip all the CDs to each folder (Disc 2 to folder 02, Disc 7 to folder 07, etc)

Now we will go to Renaming

then Tagging

then listening.

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