Normalize Volume Level on Tapes

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If you look at the picture of the audio of a two sided tape, you will usually notice one side is a lot louder or softer than the other side.

This makes it annoying when you are listening that you have to adjust the volume.

When we "Amplify" the volume, we move both levels up to a certain level.

I usually amplify both sides of the tape, since it moves the volume level to the same place on both sides.

This is how:

First open up your audio file that needs amplifying: See how the audio is quiet? Very low level.


Go to > Effect > Amplify, like so:


Now the sliderbar level is automatically set, LEAVE THIS ALONE in most cases. This will raise it to a certain level which works perfect. When you do this on both sides of a tape, you will then get the same audio level, which is what you are shooting for. Now of course, if you need it more or less amplified for anything specific, go ahead.


Now it processes the file, this doesn't take more than a minute or so.


Now you are finished and the audio is a lot louder:


That's it, export the audio file and you're good.