Renaming Long File Names

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Windows is funny, it will allow a program (Like CD Ripper) to make a file in which the file name is too long, but it will not allow you to rename a file to make it fit again.

Here are some fixes:

Option 1: Have a networked computer rename it. If you have a little home network or can borrow a laptop or something, network your computers up. Then with the other computer, browse your hard drive and find the long file names. Now, you can rename them. I know it's odd, but this works in Windows based PCs.

Option 2: Google it, and there is dozens of programs that offer to do this for you. Such as?

Option 3: Burn the Files onto CD/DVD, this force renames the files to shorter. Then delete the offending files and restore the ones from DVD/CD. That will have truncated file names, so you may need to adjust them.

How to test if file names are too long