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Monitors, Multi-Displays & Stop the 4K Madness
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Q. What do you think about 4K

A. It’s madness:
There is a resolution war going on that resolution is so sharp, it’s unusable. Go try to read normal reddit text on a 4K monitor, I have young eyes, it’s unreadable. If you are carefully pin point accurate image editing a single fame, it’s oh so nice and worth it, but with gaming 60 FPS, it’s just overkill at the time being. 4K is like four 1080P monitors. That requires tons of GPU, more than is really possible, even for the enthusiast budget. Remember gaming isn’t about DPI/PPI X FPS, it’s about an immerse experience. You can get THREE 1080P monitors for the cost of a nice single 1440P/1600P/4K monitor system, and it will be cooler and more fun and easier to get high frame rates. And/Or get surround sound. That’s a more immerse, fun and cheaper experience than a single 4K monitor. At least look into it.


With young sharp eyes, More than 100 DPI 3 feet (1 Meter) away is almost too small for reading text. When you are thinking about getting monitor, remember this. Find out what your DPI is now, and then make sure you get something around the levels you like it.

If I was a budget hard core gamer, I would get THREE 28" monitors for less than $200 each. (Make sure they have the connectivity you video card has the capacity for)

This is 6MP gaming, so it’s pretty heavy weight. But it’s a but less than a single 4K monitor (8MP) but 3 is an awesome immersive experience, way more so than too tiny to read (unless you are @ 50" or more) on a 4K.


DisplayFusion is awesome for multiple displays. I take wallpaper pics I like from Interfacelift, put them all in a wallpaper folder and have them cycle every few minutes. I also love the extended taskbar, and app snapping.

If I were to do it all over again, I’d probably get some Monoprice monitors for half the price as these Dells. And then I don’t have to have Dell badges visible. And I’d make a Custom Wall mount for 3 monitors, that can pivot.

My next set of monitors is going to be 32" 2560X1440. I wish it was 2560X1600 as I REALLY love 16:10 aspect radio, as I work more than play games or watch movies and that extra hight makes is nicer. And I will go down to 90 DPI or 10% larger. 100 DPI for me is too sharp for my viewing distance, and I don’t scale things up because that’s stupid. Why pay more for resolution then not use it? It’s like driving your expensive sports car only in first. Why not save half the money and get two or three normal cars that you drive at the same speed?