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Politicians and Governments don't create your reality. AKA Vote for Santa.
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I feel sorry for those poor misguided people, with their victim mentalities activated, who get observably upset and flustered about what certain politicians do or say.  They usually have the colossal misunderstanding that fighting against unwanted is the path to what is wanted.  They have not come to the awareness that whatever you resist, persists.  Jesus taught “Resist Not Evil” yet many think resisting evil is the only way to get rid of the unwanted “evil”.  Unfortunately, that’s not the way the universe works, quite opposite in fact.  Everything begins at thought, and whatever you place your attention on, expands (wanted or unwanted).  We all know the girl who incessantly complains “All I date is losers – I just don’t want any more losers!”  And she attracts nothing but losers.  She can even move around the world to different places, but she finds the same faces.  It’s the laws of the universe.  Society has countless names for it: Sociologists coined it a “self-fulfilling prophecy”.  Medical students run into getting all the symptoms of the diseases they study (Medical Students disease.)  A while ago, the media called it the Barbara Streisand effect as the harder she tried to hide and block the certain photos being released, the more they were brought to the attention of the masses.  Religions call it “Law of the harvest”.  In science it’s called Internal validity, a sort of observer’s effect, which usually causes the researcher to find whatever evidence will support his or her own thesis.  Quantum Physics/Metaphysics call it the Law of Attraction.  In government, they call it Perverse incentive a off-shoot of Social Sciences Unintended Consequences. In Psychology, it’s called the Boomerang effect.  Generally, lay people mistakenly call it a coincidence or ironic.  I always think of the Alanis Morissette song, “Ironic” about the man who was afraid to die via plane crash so he never took a flight his whole life.  The first flight he took, however, he rendezvoused with one that crashed.  It’s not ironic, it’s obvious!  It makes perfect sense; it’s the laws of the universe.  Coincidence? In geometry, two angles that coincide, fit together perfectly.  However, we’ve taken a term that means ‘two things that fit together perfectly and interpreted it to mean ‘something that fits together randomly or accidentally.’  The nomenclature has reversed the whole concept of coincidence.


Certain people may be complaining about their how they’re broke, unhealthy, unhappy and generally their life isn’t as well (because of certain politicians aka factors outside themselves).  Whether their politician is elected or not they are still broke, unhealthy, unhappy and generally their life still doesn’t go well.  A politician or government can’t change someone’s victim mentality and change their philosophy.  This is why Jesus said “Ye shall ALWAYS have the poor with you”.  Because even the most powerful people or forces in the word can’t change the fact that poor seeds yield poor fruits.  One can give of their own rich fruits to the poor, but this will never force the hand to make start planting rich seeds.  (This is why all welfare systems don’t work: unless you change people’s philosophy first.)  Since freedom is the basis of the universe, (you are so free you can choose bondage) No one, not even politicians or governments, have access to your own personal thought garden.  Victor Frankl, in a Nazi concentration camp, confirmed that nobody could ever take away or guide his thoughts without his permission.

So in their own misguided way, people who huffily post about politicians, don’t realize they are part of the problem, doing a major disservice to themselves.  Nobody wins playing the “I won ‘t be happy until/if” game.

Would you rather be happy or right?

The government thinks they are more powerful than they are.  They rarely have any affect whatsoever. Again, that’s because you create your own reality, not someone else.

Questions possibly worthy of thought:

1. How has the current politician affected your day-to-day dealings?

2. How has the last politician that you liked and disliked affected your life?

3. What was the last government action that affected your daily life in a real way?

I’ve never heard any real answer.  If I push them hard, the best I’ve heard, is “um…. taxes?” If I push to have them explain what the change was, dollar or percentage amount, I haven’t received an answer.

So with that reminder, I would like to put my full support behind Santa Claus this election, and EVERY election:


Because Santa has as much power over you, as politicians and governments claim to. Might as well go with the guy with the awesome beard.(or maybe the Tooth-Fairy next election)

And if you are STILL not convinced, even if you are totally involved, this is your efficacy:

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